Tarlige / Mirogabalin / DS-5565 for neuropathy?

Posted by markymarkfl @markymarkfl, Nov 5 3:56pm

Mirogabalin (aka Tarlige and DS-5565) seems to have produced encouraging results in some trials (including compared to Lyrica & Cymbalta) but no approvals I can find in the USA. More common in Asia, but also available in some (past?) US clinical trials.

Just wondering if anyone on Mayo Connect has tried it for neuropathy, and if so…

1) What type of neuropathy? (Diabetic, Chemo-induced, etc…)
2) What kind of results did you experience?

I did find a brief mention from one user here in 2021, but few details. Wikipedia short description here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mirogabalin

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