Weaning off of Dexilant?

Posted by writer @writer, Jan 15, 2023

I want to start weaning myself from Dexilant, 60 mg
I googled it and it says that go from 2 pills to 1
but I am taking 1 pill a day.
What is the recommendation?

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Hi @writer, We modified your discussion title to better describe your discussion and help members with experience find it. Here's some information that might be helpful on the topic.

"After discussing with your medical team and deciding to wean off the medication you can do the following:
If you are taking a PPI once daily: start taking one pill every other day, continue for 2 weeks and then stop. If you are on a higher dose, your doctor may start by prescribing a lower one. In this case, take the lower dose once daily for 2 weeks, then every other day for 2 weeks, then stop."
-- How to Safely Stop Taking Proton Pump Inhibitors - What you need to know

Have you discussed it with your doctor?


Anybody can share his/her experience with Dexilant? Is it better that the other medications? It certainly costs much more


I took Dexilant for well over a year for and discovered that the over the counter product Prevacid is the same stuff and much cheaper than the co-pay for the prescription Dexilant, so the doctor said that I could switch. Prevacid has a 15 mg capsule so I took that for awhile before asking the pharmacist if the PPI's can cause dementia and was told yes! so I stopped it altogether and take Pepcid or the equivalent and also a product named Stomach Comfort from Nature's Sunshine. No one ever told me to wean off of the PPI!! Best wishes to you. Baz10

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