Synovial sarcoma: what treatments might I expect?

Hi ,
My friend is diagnosed with synovial surcoma. He is in india .he is planning to come to us for treatment . Can you please provide details about the procedure , duration of treatment and expected charges


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Hello @karthikapuliveeran453 and welcome to Connect. How good of you to be reaching out on behalf of your friend. When you say, "he is planning to come to us for treatment" do you mean that he wants to come to Mayo Clinic?

If so, here is information about obtaining appointments at Mayo Clinic, When you go to this link, you can find information about appointments for international patients as well as information about costs, lodging, etc.

Are you planning on accompanying your friend to the appointments?


Hi @karthikapuliveeran453 – what a difficult diagnosis for your friend, and we're glad you've reached out for more information here. If you are planning to bring your friend to Mayo Clinic for care, you can read more about our treatment process here:

How is your friend feeling about the diagnosis? Clearly they have a wonderful support network in your and your community.

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