Posted by Lisa @techi, Nov 22, 2017

My husband has been telling me he sees me moving my hands constantly the same way. Like maybe rubbing my legs, but l am not aware of it. I might be talking to someone or he says you are sometimes watching TV. That's so weird and l don't know if it's a seizure or its my ammonia level to low or to high. Has this happen to anyone? Because right now l am thinking about home improvement that l am doing or a meal l am cooking so l don't think it's depression.

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Hello @techi

Did your husband say when this hand movement started? If not, ask him. Then check and see if you added a new med during that time.

You might ask him to mention it to you whenever he sees it happen and you can jot down the time and date and anything else significant about your activities during that day. Perhaps you can find something that triggers the movement problem.


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