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Chronic Abdominal Pain

Posted by @lz5b00 in Digestive Health, Mar 21, 2012

I have had acute abdominal pain since April 2011 and it has escalated over the months.. The pain begins early morning, remains unrelenting and escalates throughout the day. It is sharp at times and gnawing most of the time. It radiates down from my sternum and to the lower left of my abdomen. My family doctor nor GI specialists cannot find the cause. I have had CT scans, ultrasound, video capsule endoscopy, colonoscopy, blood tests, push endoscope, H pylori tests, ova stool test for parasites and MRI, to name a few. EVERY test result has been returned as "unremarkable"--no cause found. I am currently taking Paxil 25mg, Nexium and Oxycodein for the pain. Nothing has helped me determine the source of this pain. I am reaching out to this community to see is anyone has a similar experience.

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Posted by @stillsearching, Mar 21, 2012

I had similar symptoms years ago and it turned out that my pancreatic duct was bent which did not allow the pancreatic juices to flow. It took me years to discover this. I had all of those tests too and they came back normal until I had an ERCP with a fantastic gastro wizard at UCSF (San Francisco) Keep track if the pain gets worse after eating (when the pancreas starts to work). Mine hurt more in the morning also because laying flat (sleeping) took the pressure off of the duct then ramped up the rest of the day I hope this helps. I'm on a new journey for chronic pancreatitis that has taken over my life. I'm thinking of going to Mayo clinic for some help to get some (or any) life back. I wish you a positive outcome. Don't give up


Posted by @lz5b00, Mar 21, 2012

Thank you so much for you response. This has been a mystery to all specialists and all they say is that there is nothing wrong and then throw up their hands and say you are on your own, or to seek psychiatric help. This pain is driving me crazy and causing so much anxiety that it is hard to deal with on a daily basis. I have a Drs appointment after work today and will definitely bring this up to him to see if he can schedule the test. I can't thank you enough for replying.


Posted by @bumblebee1214, Mar 23, 2012

Have you had a stomach emptying test? I was going through something very similar. The episodes would come and go (for about 3 years) but they began lasting longer and becoming more frequent. About a month and a half ago it just never went away, acompanied by some vomitting and always with nausea. Plus, I lost about 25 lbs in the last month and a half, which really freaked me out since I know how my body usually works. (Normally, I could run 100 mi on the treadmill and lose 3 lbs if I'm lucky). After a million tests performed and everyone telling me they could find nothing, I finally was seen by an MD who ordered the stomach emptying test and that's when they realized my stomach is paralyzed. See, the organ itself looks fine on an MRI, CT, Ultrasound, etc., but this test revealed that it wasn't emptying any food at all, hence the reason I couldn't eat and I always felt sick. No matter what, keep trying. No one knows your body like you do. After they would tell me everything was "normal" I would look them in the eyes and tell them, "I am telling you there is something wrong with me." Don't give up.


Posted by @melissa12, Mar 25, 2012

I have also had a stomach emptying test and it showed severe gasrtoparesis. The doctor then put a feeding tube in my small intestine but because of the Crohn's Disease I was unable to tolerate the feeding tubes for various reasons. I was hospitalized multiple times for vomiting, dehydration, multiple infections from feeding tube pain, and malnutrition. I now have a indwelling port and I am on TPN at home. I feel better than I have in years but the TPN is not a long term solution. I am still unable to eat and drink much without the symtoms coming back. Good Luck and let me know what happens.


Posted by @bumblebee1214, Mar 25, 2012

I keep reading posts similar to yours and it really scares me. I was just diagnosed with the gastroparesis last Tuesday but I've had problems for years. The only difference is that about a months and a half ago the symptoms just didn't go away. I've lost 30 lbs in the last month and a half. Actually, make that 35 as of when I stepped on the scale today. I am afraid. I can't eat anything without either vomitting or experiencing severe nausea. I'm so fatigued it's becoming difficult to get out of bed. I'm a mother of 3 young children and I'm in school full time, as well as a full time job, and I am crying every day because I don't know how to live like this- so tired and not able to eat or drink. I am doing my best to function because I don't want to freak my kids out but I really don't know how people live like this. I'm so sorry that you are going through what you are going through. When I began seeing a gastro, one of the first things I was told is how hard it is to diagnose "abdominal pain". Luckily ("unluckily?"), they were able to provide me with a diagnosis, but the next information I received is that they can do nothing for me. I really hope your outcome is met with a better solution. Sorry to vent.


Posted by @graziahc, Apr 29, 2012

Do you have a redundant colon. /motility prior to he stomach paralysis?


Posted by @bumblebee1214, Apr 29, 2012

what is that?


Posted by @graziahc, Apr 29, 2012

Longer large intestine


Posted by @lz5b00, Apr 29, 2012

No I have had all the tests and nothing that has indicated a redundant colon. Still searching. Thanks for your reply. Any help is greatly apprecated


Posted by @sacrifice2121, Sep 24, 2013

Have you looked up SMA syndrome it was featured on mystery diagnosis and it
Deals with a artery that affects lower bowel.
Look it up, my thoughts and prayers are with you!
Sorry posted originally above but meant for bumblebee. It's
Super rare and overlooked a lot.


Posted by @jim12005, Mar 20, 2013

My father cannot tolerate a feeding tube either. What is an indweilling port? TPN? How are you getting nutrients?


Posted by @sacrifice2121, Sep 24, 2013

Have you looked up SMA syndrome it was featured on mystery diagnosis and it
Deals with a artery that affects lower bowel.
Look up, my thoughts and prayers are with you!


Posted by @jan11442, Jun 27, 2012

Hi. I'm new here but will put in my 2 cents worth anyway. The worst part (and most frightening) is the search for an answer to what is wrong. As a retired RN I can tell you that when a doctor can't find the answer unfortunately he will decide its the patient's fault- the patient must be crazy. Don't believe it! Keep your hopes high & keep looking. May I suggest during your search for what is wrong, seek out a program that will help you cope with the unknown & the pain. Good luck. The answers are out there. jan11442


Posted by @jan11442, Jun 27, 2012

Hi. I've had chronic pancreatitis since 1992 due, the doctors think, to pancreas divisum (incomplete pancreatic duct, so pancreatic juices & enzymes can't flow into the intestines; instead they digest the pancreas. OUCH!!) Pain gets worse as day progresses and/or with activity. I've seen my local GIs in South & Central Florida, a doc at Univ of Miami, a quack in Boston, a terrific doc in New York City. I've had multiple ERCPs with & without sphincterotomies and/or stents and a EUS. Nothing except narcotics really helps. I recently attended a 3 week cognitive pain therapy course at Mayo in Florida which gave some tools to help cope & have a life. Please feel free to ask anything that might help you. jan11442


Posted by @cluelessnj, Oct 11, 2012

I currently have upper adominal pain, all tests were negative, had an ercp & spintomony, still have pain, I went to one doc who told me pain could be because I am fat! I have 33 % body fat, overweight but morbidity obease. He thinks I have delayed gastric empting. which I do not think so, I have pain 20 minutes after eating and can last 1hour to 5 hours. My hurts mostly after eating fatty foods like nuts. and drinking alcohol seams to help with the pain.


Posted by @ineptninja, Apr 11, 2012

Have you tried an elimination diet? Stop eating dairy and gluten for a month or two. I had the same thing- awful abdominal pain but labs, CT scans, etc, all came out normal. When I stopped eating gluten, my abdominal pain went away completely, though I still struggle with fatigue.


Posted by @justjane, Apr 20, 2012

Gastroparesis. Try Align. You can get it at larger grocery stores like Sam's or Cosco. Though it has not eliminated my Gastroparesis, it has helped with the pain somehow. Get on a Gastroparesis diet and follow it precisely. I wish you well.

Posted by Anonymous-b9dd1046, Aug 11, 2012

Crazy as it might sound my mom had unrelenting pain in her adbominal area for years and it turned out after everything they put her through (INCLUDING exploratory abdominal surgery) where they removed her gallbladder and spleen she ACTUALLY had a fractured bone in her spine. The pain showed up her in stomach instead of her back. I suggest an MRI of your spinal column. She had tried EVERYTHING else and a doctor paying attention to her rising off of an exam table suggested it could be her back. And she was correct!! They've since discovered she sufferes from thinning of the bones. SHe went to an Interventional Radiologist her inserted cement into bone in Tulsa he is Dr. James R. Webb. ( we have 2 Dr. Webb's in Tulsa but this one is Interventional Radiologist).


Posted by @d3marieh, Aug 11, 2012

Another thing if anyone out there is taking pain med's; hydrocodone, oxycont..etc. You should be taking MIRALAX twice a day at least. Those pain med's slow down your BM movements and that alone causes pain on it's on.


Posted by @pamv, May 1, 2013

I have chronic abdominal pain. I have adhesions which are causing small bowel obstruction. My doctor did an enterogram. it can be by CT or MRI. It is different from a routine abdmen scan. it was the only thing that showed my original problem.
I had surgery to get rid of the obstruction but now I have residual chronic pain. Searching for an answer on how to treat it.


Posted by @kl2013, May 2, 2013

I too, suffer from abdominal pain that gets so bad I have to go to ER and get morphine shots (up to 3) to stop the pain, cramps. I have had every test available and am still at no answer. I am considering asking for MRI. Ihave thought about this being really bad gas because it sometimes starts as gas, but develops into a pain that is often unbearable and it causes nausea, vomiting and eventually ER visit. Can someone shed some light or have any suggestions on what to do next?


Posted by @wtg4heaven, Jun 4, 2013

I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis in Feb. I have had constant unrelenting pain for a year and a 40 pound weight loss. The doctors are at a loss. They say it is likely neurological and the Gastroparesis a result. The pain is totally unmanageable. What do any of you suggest? The doctors are reluctant to order narcotics. What has worked? Has anyone found that their chronic abdominal pain radiating to the back was related to something else in spite of the failed gastric emptying? I need help before I totally waste away. I had a chest ct and a thoracic MRI (negative). Where they wrong is what I wonder? But how do you get someone to look again?


Posted by @mommymaggie, Sep 13, 2013

For you and many of these other commenters....if you can see a neurologist ask them about abdominal migraines...rare in adults but I have very similar symptoms compared to you all such as unrelenting pain and vomitting etc...and this is what was deduced....


Posted by @dannyblues99, Jun 6, 2013


You wrote on lz5b00's profile.

I'm also suffering my chronic Upper Left Abdominal under the ribs for more then 8 months I feel like pain is deep inside under the ribs. When it get worse it goes to the back. The pain is dull continuous and it's intensity varies with time and day. My pain is not affected by food or bowel movement. Pain started in October 2012. Pain starts in the morning and remains all the day. It's gnawing pain. I feel like pain is deep inside the lower left rib. I have gone through battery of tests:
Abdominal Ultrasound, CT(MDCT)with contrast, MRI/MRCP with and without contrast, CT Entrography with and without contrast, 2 Colonoscopies, 3 Upper Endoscopy, 2 Gastric Emptying test, Capsule Endoscopy, Chest Xrays, Hydrogen breath test,Stool test, Numerous Blood test.
Only findings till now were: mild chronic gastritis, infected with hpylori, giardia, fatty liver, sub-clinical hypothyroid and pancreas divisum.
My GI has no answer for the pain. I don't know how and where to reach out for help. Pain has crippled my day today life.


Posted by @lz5b00, Jun 11, 2013

Hi Danny - I am so sorry to hear you are going through the same issues tHat I have been going through. I honestly feel for you because I can appreciate what you are going through. It's so hard to deal with the pain on a daily basis. Wanted to give you an update - I went to the Cleveland Clinic and saw an Internal Medicine Specialist. I also started to develop a numbing in my left leg. He said that I should have an MRI done on my thoracic spine. Well it turns out that I have a big bulge in between T5 and T6 vertebrae. Supposedly the nerves that run from this area control the abdomen and under the sternum area. I am going to a spine clinic and will let you know what they find out. Keep the faith it's very hard to do - especially because I am on percocets daily. Take care Danny.


Posted by @dannyblues99, Jun 11, 2013

HI lz5b00
Thanks for your reply. So all the years the pain was because of bulge in between T5 and T6 vertebrae.? What doctor say about bulge ? How sever is your pain and how does it feel like ?
Please keep me updated. You take care too and have pain free days


Posted by @lz5b00, Jun 17, 2013

Hi Danny - well I went to the Laser Spine Institute and had a conversation with two specialists. They indicated that this may not be the cause of my pain as the pain is concentrated at the front. They recommended that I have a MuscoSkeletal ultrasound to see if I have a torn tendon, muscle in the sternum and chest area. Oh the saga continues. I will let you know what I found out. Let me know how you are during. This is so frustrating living with pain on a daily basis and not finding answers. Hopefully we can both find out what is going on with our bodies. Take care and keep me informed


Posted by @dannyblues99, Sep 30, 2013

Hello lz5b00:
How are you doing ? Any luck with diagnosis ? Wishing you pain free life.
Take care


Posted by @honormarie123, Jul 26, 2013

I too, can completely relate to you. I have been experiencing sharp, intense rib pain, and sometimes in my chest, for a year and a half now. Test, after test, appointment after appointment, there are still no answers... I was even told if I wanted to have a "long chat" with someone, like it's gotten to the point, I am giving up now, and it does affect everyday life, knowing it's always there! I hope you all get the answers you need, I am hoping some day I will too!!!


Posted by @lucyk, Jun 23, 2013

I have chronic pain in my left ribs and chest. I have been tested for heart problems, lung problems, kidney problem. All feels like a deep pain also. I'm thinking spleen, costochondritis. I have constant congestion and can't take a deep breath without hurting. The doctor gave me an inhaler which may help a little, but today the pain was really bad. My life hasn't been normal in eight months.


Posted by @dezi, Jul 27, 2013

Does is feel like it's muscular in nature or is the pain originating from inside your stomach, intestines or other organs?

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