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Swollen thyroid, multiple nodules

Posted by @trischa101, Sep 22, 2012

Approximately 1 year ago, I started going to my doctor because I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t stay awake, couldn’t go to the bathroom. I was work full time and school full time. Couldn’t move of couch. The doc says I am depressed and sends me on my way. About the 3rd visit that month another doctor notices my thyroid is swollen three times it’s normal size. After ultrasounds, then biopsies, we find no cancer. And I am sent on my way, but I still can’t move, the depression symptoms are still there, and no help. I am with a specialist, and the last ultrasound, I asked him,”how do I get my energy back, something is not right.”. He says maybe I am not getting enough iron, sends me on my way. So now I am starting up with a chiropractor that specializes in adrenal and other glandular stuff, he did point out my vitamin d was very low. Just wondering if there is anyone out there that has a similar story I can learn from?

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Posted by @anon36854734, Oct 10, 2012

Yeas. I have thyroid too. I have problems with the energy. Cant even walk sometimes. Im depressed to. I have now anxiety to. But my docter said i have to take them out with opuration. But inhavent go yet. I have problems breathing. U can get everything from thyroid. But my primary doctor said its not something danger. Feel better. And if h har any questions u can ask more.


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Posted by @anon77906882, Oct 11, 2012

Dear Anna777,
Please go find a new Doctor at a new (different) Hospital for a second opinion. Also do not tell the new Doctor what the first Doctor recommended (surgery) as I have found in my experience every time I shared the 1st Doctor’s Conclusion & Recommendation the second Doctor agreed with the 1st Doctor. Ask them for their unbiased opinion. Wishing you renewed good health!

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Posted by @jennybell, Oct 30, 2012

I agree! You need to be your own advocate. Get a second opinion and don’t tell them what the first MD said. I am in the medical field and have found that it doesn’t hurt thier feelings! Besides, it is your health at stake, not thiers!

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Posted by @maryinkansas, Oct 10, 2012

Dear Trischa101,
I am so sorry to read of your troubles. I had your some but not all of your symptoms and I went to three MDs too….and I was prescribed anti-depressants by the first MD, sleep meds by the second MD, and the third MD said he didn’t like how my thyroid felt (along with exhaustion which was not like me back then) and he had blood taken. My blood work showed I had Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis which I believe is an auto-immune disease. I was prescribed Levothyroxine (“fake thyroid RX) and I felt a little better. Next MD appointment, after reading more about Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis online, I asked him about “natural thyroid RX” which was called back then (1990) Armour Thyroid RX (please read and research on Mayo Clinic’s main website or Merck’s Manual). I switched to Armour Thyroid (which I was told was from female pigs). The “Natural” Armour Thyroid did not work well with my body and I was having weird new symptoms so I went back to Levothyroxine and he increased my daily dosage which helped enormously. Please please do your own research online with Google and also try Mayo Clinic’s Symptom Checker on their main website as I have found that tool quite helpful. I have had two girlfriends who were diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis within two years of my own diagnosis. They both took different paths….one totally natural and the other doing the synthetic hormone that I take daily. They said their MDs said you need to have blood work that checks both T3 and T4 every time and not just one or the other. Please forgive me for not researching everything before writing to you but I had just this 10-15 minute time to write back to your post before I must go to sleep. I sure hope you research more online before seeing your MD or a new MD for your thyroid. I am alarmed your thyroid is three times its normal size (but I am not a MD or RN) but I do remember reading about goiters which I believe is when your thyroid doubles or triples in size. Do not ever give up!! You can find answers, treatment and relief….HOPE. I will be pulling for you!

Perhaps by chance you have Mononucleosis. I was diagnosed with Infectious Mononucleosis at the age of 30 years old and your stated symptoms just reminded me of how debilitated I was from developing mononucleosis at an older age than most people.


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Posted by @anon56837187, Oct 12, 2012

I have multiple thyroid nodules too. I don’t have swollen thyroid. You sound like you have hypothyroidism. See another Endocrinologist. Check your thyroid number.
If your enlarged thyroid is causing you hard of breathing, ask if there are other treatments. Your symptoms are real. Find the doctor who is determine to resolve your problems. Feel well.


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Posted by @jennybell, Oct 30, 2012

HI, I am a RN and a mother of a child with Hoshimoto’s thyroiditis. Those symptoms are classic of hypothyroidism. Easily treated with medication. See a doctor and have your TSH, T3 and free T4 checked. The nodules and enlarged thyroid should be watched. Even if it isn’t cancer it can cause breathing problems and swallowing problems. But be sure to have those lab tests done. My daughter would almost be comatose when her levels were off and then normal when they were ok.. She has had major complications, so find a good MD.

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Posted by @lmarinda, Nov 3, 2012

Hi Trischa, sorry you aren’t feeling well. NO ONE CARES FOR YOUR HEALTH AS MUCH AS YOU DO!! One of the best doctors I ever had told me that years ago. I have many allergies & he told me if I didn’t question/find out exactly what shot I was receiving from dr/nurse, it would be my fault that I passed out! (or didn’t wake up! )From testing I do know what I’m allergic to with drugs, foods, insect bites, etc. Think if you were caring for your Mother or close love one & what you would do for them with a health problem like you are having now. It’s hard when one is sick & not getting better & their doctor isn’t helping their condition. You research all you can about thyroids. You might have to change doctors. Make sure you are seeing a Endocrinologist, request lab work, TSH,T3 and free T4 levels. Thankful you don’t have cancer! Did the biopsies show any other condition(s) or why your thyroid is enlarged?
I was just visiting The Mayo site reading/gleaming info. about Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I just learned that I have H.T’s in Oct. (It’s interesting to me how many females have Hashimoto’s and other thyroid conditions) I lucked up in March and caught something viral at my Aunt’s Assisted Living place. (More like assisted jail!) I’m the queen of anything viral, since I’m a lizzard & can’t get a flu shot! “Whatever” I had loved my bod & went right to my chest/lungs. Sweats, chills, fever, chronic bronchitis & plursey. So thankful pneumonia missed me this time!! I coughed night & day, sounded like a barking seal! Couldn’t lay down to sleep even if I wasn’t coughing, due to pain in right lung. (This went on for 4 months) Of course, I was back & forth to my internal doctor, plus was x-rayed 2 times. My Dr. was clueless as what to do with me. When I told him I was running away to join the circus……he said the only thing he knew to do was to send me again to the hospital to be x-rayed.
Later my doctor phoned and…. yes I do have something in my right lung! (Now he knows I’m not crazy I thought!) Then I had to return for a CT Scan of my chest. He phones later with good and bad news. Whatever was in my lung is gone but I have something in my neck. Had to go for an office visit with him. But even with his choke hold, he couldn’t feel anything in my neck. Then I had an Ultrascan & referred to E&T dr. I was told he would do a needle biopsy at his office. Once there and he reviews my CD of Untrascan, he says he won’t do the procedure in his office. I’ll have to go to the hosptial and have a guided needle biopsy.( I was disappointed as I had wanted to get that over with, plus I had my 2 & more praying for me.) The Dr. & staff at the hospital were very nice, but the procedure was very painful. He kept hitting a nerve! It felt just like I was having a root canal & the dentist hitting a nerve! He kept telling me to stay still! Well, that’s impossible when a nerve is hit! AT long last he got what was needed! Two days later when a nice nurse from that dept phones me to see how I’m doing, I leanred the nerve deal has never happened with them while doing that procedure.! The report came back I have a thyroid nodule , it will be watched (re-scaned in 6 months) Blessed chick am I, no CANCER! “Hashimoto’s” sounded great to me! Guess I can speak fluent Japanese now!
Just this week I had my appointment with an Endocrinoloogist & have started on a low dose of Snythroid & will have TSH, T3 & free T4 labs done in 6 weeks. (Allergic to pork) So looking foward to feeling better and chubbing down! I am blessed!! Had I not kept returning to my doctor being “Wendy Whinner” & getting x-rayed again I wouldn’t have known about the growth in my neck! Have had many weird aches and pains, illnesses for years and no one knew why! The Endocrinologist told me I could have had this for 20+ years! Nice huh?? Per my heart dr. once I get on the correct thyroid Rx, I might not need any heart Rx’s! Yea!
Trischa, keep your fight, stay strong, hang in there! The best of health to all. God bless us all! ps: This book has helped me and my family, “Eat Right 4 Your Type” by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo, ISBN 0-399-14255-X ( The book is based on the 4 blood types. We all still carry DNA from thousands of years ago. Our blood types reflects our internal chemistry. If you haven’t read the book get it from your library. You will be amazed! ) Happy Trails!:)

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