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Posted by cherylrp @cherylrp, Jul 7, 2022

After failed back surgery 5 lumbar fusions and robs placed from lumbar to T3, I was given a pain pump. After 2 years of trying to find the right medication and getting it to work. My legs and feet started swelling. Now I’m in the process of reducing medication to see if the medication is the cause . No prior issue with swelling. I now suffer with neuropathy. Today humidity is to go up to 90 percent and my feet and legs are red and swelling. That is when it’s the worse. Anyone else suffer with this side affect?

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Yes, I notice similar circumstances of swelling and neuropathy discomfort from high humidity and when bad weather is approaching! Very good weather forecaster! But discomfort is not worth it! Would rather it just go away! Since my total knee replacement 7-7-22 my neuropathy discomfort has increased also, had enough discomfort from knee with out neuropathic pain!


Hello @cherylrp and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. You have certainly been through a lot. You mentioned that you've been working for two years to find the right medication. Were you successful? Do you believe the swelling in your legs now a side-effect of that particular medicine?

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