Supposedly have huge fibroid my body is falling apart though

Posted by sailormoon @sailormoon, Nov 8, 2022

I was diagnosed with a large fibroid via ER. They did regular and transvaginal ultrasound. They seemed really sad and told me I was it looks like I don’t have cancer my ovaries are healthy but pushed in the middle and insisted I go right away to gyno. I did not have insurance but the lacare and the doctors that would accept was like over half a year waiting process. That’s besides the point this thing is about 5 x 5 inches and I’m 29. I have this dull back pain in my lower left back that doesn’t go away. I pee nonstop. I guess that’s the symptoms but idk something isn’t right here. I hate to say it but I think I’m dying. My dog who is a hyperactive Dogo and mind u I’ve been I’ll before he stopped asking for walks and spends all of his time sleeping next to me. My full back ache was so bad I couldn’t sit at my pc. I don’t know what to do. My bf he sort of controls everything and when the tumor would have been small enough to be removed he told me I was crazy and didn’t have one. Recently I noticed a toooth abcess he told me I was crazy well I just went to dentist not only do I have abcess they have to pull the whole tooth. I live in the woods and I don’t know how to drive so I can’t just leave and go to hospital and if I try to tell him he will just think I’m crazy. But I’m just wondering is this normal to feel or maybe could I be right? I’m also maybe only around 108 pounds at 5”5. Something that concerned me as well seems most people with fibroids gain weight I do not. If anyone has any advice let me know but tbh I find out this is cancer I currently run a startup and there is no way I can lead my team with that in my head. Please advise. :/

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@sailormoon That's a lot to deal with at a young age. I know you said there is a wait, but did you make the gyno appointment? Fibroids are very often benign, but still cause a lot of symptoms and discomfort – and anxiety until you get answers.

If I were in your situation, I would grab my computer and look for the nearest Women's Reproductive Health Clinic – Planned Parenthood or someone like that. Call and explain your situation, and get an appointment. If your boyfriend won't take you, find a family member, friend or neighbor to help you.

If you take some action to help yourself, it will make you feel less fearful while you wait. Please let me know what you find as far as resources, you deserve answers.


Hi @sailormoon. I am also in my late 20s and have multiple fibroids. Mine are caused by an underlying genetic condition that makes them grow more aggressively than average and affect you at an age that is younger than average (fibroids are ultimately very common, but it is typically less common in your 20s). Mine cause bulk symptoms like pelvic pain, longer and heavier menstrual cycles with a lot of clotting and a lot more cramping, and frequent urination. I agree with @sueinmn that it would be good to seek care if at all possible. There are treatment options, and it will probably be helpful to know your options — it may also help to have more answers for what is going on. I wish you all the best!


@sailormoon, did you get any further answers for yourself? How are you doing/feeling?

Wishing you well.

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