Supportive Desk Chair for Kyphosis

Posted by grrranny @grrranny, Feb 21 3:06am

Hi, everyone. Those of you who are dealing with kyphosis -- have you been able to find a comfortable and supportive swivel desk chair?
Hubby is having a problem with this, and we don't know where to look...
The chairs he's tried have either been too soft or too hard, or have a lumbar support in the wrong place. It doesn't help that he's bent-over so severely. Has had two kyphoplasties (T8 and T9) in the last two years, with the most recent 3 months ago -- from which he's still recovering.
Thanks for your help!

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@grrranny What comes to mind for me was my dad working with a physical therapist to get a custom wheelchair. He was very stooped over with kyphosis. There were a lot of evaluations by the PT as well as a report and recommendation from the primary care physician since this involved Medicare paying for this wheelchair which was expensive. The wheelchair was ordered and delivered by a company that specializes in Mobility products. A physical therapist or your doctor may be good resources.



What a great idea. I will talk with him about it. We can ask his physical therapist. Thank you!

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