superficial siderosis

Posted by herbertli @herbertli, Mar 27 8:52am

Hi, I have been recently diagnosed with superficial siderosis in the spinal cord and back of brain. Also have some spinal cysts, and possible pseudomeningocele. This was discovered with MRI that I did because of a deteriorating and worsening hearing loss and balance problems over the past 7 years.
Looking for advise how to stop this deteriorating symptoms before I get totally deaf….
Would help to hear anybody that went thought treatment or surgery on this, and with whom.

I'm curious about what treatment they recommend if you wouldn’t mind sharing?


I am still looking for a professional in siderosis to see treatment options ….


Hi @herbertli, and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Seven years is a long time to suffer with not knowing what is wrong. This information is from Mayo Clinic's medical professionals hub and I wanted to share this article with you on superficial siderosis

I'd like to introduce you to some members who participate in the Brain & Nervous System group on Connect including @jakedduck1 who posted above! @dawn_giacabazi and @hopeful33250

Who ordered your MRI and read it? Did they not recommend anyone? Also, are you close to any of the Mayo Clinic campuses in Minnesota, Arizona or Florida? I can provide you a list of doctors if you let me know.

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