Sulpha powder for ear infections and drainage

Posted by nydago11 @nydago11, Nov 17, 2023

I have a question. I've had fluid behind my ear drum for 2 weeks and been using prescription drops and it cleared up the fluid but there was still drainage in my ear canal, so my ENT sprayed a Sulpha powder in my right ear as it had an antibiotic in it to dry out the drainage. My ear felt a little sore and full and I was kind of dizzy for most of the day, kind of off balance. I don't feel that way today but wanted to ask if Sulpha powders are safe or if they could have serious side effects for older patients. I'm 63. I thought it was CSF powder but I called the nurse for my ENT and she said it was Sulpha (or maybe it's spelled Sulfa) powder. He shot it in my ear like it had a long skinny nozzle on it and I felt the powder shoot in. My main question is, is it normal to sometimes have fullness in the ear and have some dizziness for the first day? Thanks

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As a long time sufferer from ear infections it has been many years since I heard about that treatment, but eas very effectivefor outer ear infections like swimmers ear or boils in the ear canal. Usually it was followed by a week or more of antibiotic ear drops. Did the ENT suggest any followup care?

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