Sudden new abdominal pain every day

Posted by geekygirl9 @geekygirl9, Mar 17 3:27am

Starting Monday or Tuesday, I've been having sudden, sharp pain in a band just below my belly button multiple times a day every day. It sort of feels like cramping and it comes on whenever I feel stressed at all, specifically the minute I start thinking about my to-do list, which is frustrating. It also stops just as suddenly when I calm down/distract myself. And eating generally tends to make the pain worse, but broccoli's the one food that actually soothes it. I'm going to get a stool test next week but meanwhile I'm kind of worried. Any ideas what might be going on? I have severe constipation but almost never have any kind of abdominal pain along with that so this is very unusual/concerning.

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Anxiety plays a big role in messing up your gut. Your digestive system is really like your brain. When my anxiety is bad, I can’t eat, am nauseous, have constant diarrhea and sometimes vomit.
Best to rule out other conditions, maybe a hernia?


It could be a condition called Mals. Which I was just diagnosed with. However I have had my symptoms for years. A Dr can do a cta of your celiac artery in your belly area to get a preliminary diagnosis. If you even have it. I would definitely go to a gastroenterologist as well. Just to rule things out and give you piece of mind. You’ve got this!😊😊😊


Have you been check ✔️ for H.pyloril you doctor can order that test for you do .I just found out you have a rare Growth bacillus need you doctor you ordered tested your 💩💩💩poop's 💩 test💩💩💩🤮 I have sudden new abdominal pain and Bad headaches and nausea and throwing in my back and my lower Left side.hope you get it checked ovarin crst ore endometriosis.i have them all get them check ✔️. good luck 🤞 and pray 🙏😇 hope you.get better prayers 😇🙏


Sounds like an easy correlation between your stress and gut? Get your stress under control and your gut will hopefully follow. Don’t let your stress become something worse by ignoring it and hoping it goes away. Speak with a counselor, a therapist, etc. soon. Take care of yourself as their is only one of you.


For about a year I started getting stomach pain, not just a cramp, but a stabbing pain, mostly in my upper stomach, for me it was slightly to the right of my belly button. It started almost everyday in the early afternoon forcing me to lay down to get some relief. It would pass usually in an hour once I laid down.
I was taking lots of herbals, turmeric, curcumin, krill oil and more and tried eliminating them one at a time. Still I got the stomach pains. I gave up all of them except my needed prescription meds. The lights came on finally. I had begun taking bovine collagen a few years ago. The dose was 2 scoops a day which I put in a morning smoothie. I love the fact my nails and hair grew stronger and healthier. I Googled side effects and yes it can cause stomach pains in some people. I gave it up and no more stomach pains. I have learned I can tolerate 1/2 scoop daily without side effects, 2 scoops were simply too much fiber for me. My husband is twice my size and he handles the 2 scoops daily just fine.
For constipation I use a stool softener and Miralax daily and have no side effects. Yes, it's plastic and I don't like the idea of putting plastic in my body, but with it I don't get gas. My doctor says it's okay to take Miralax daily. Psylium husk, although a natural fiber product, causes an abundance of gas for me.

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