Success stories?

Posted by cblue @cblue, Dec 20, 2022

I am posting again I’m not sure how to make sure this post lands in the success stories discussion (;
I am wondering if anyone has had a successful surgery in the New York metropolitan area I would be willing to either contact me or post the name of the hospital or the doctor. Z(I don’t know if that’s allowed.). I would imagine a bariatric surgeon might be the most experienced in this area if they’re not particularly trained in fundoplication surgery per se. I am going to inquire at mayo clinic, but my question is have one gets followed after one has surgery at the clinic. I also don’t know which location is best for this type of thing anyway, I’m gonna try to inquire it can’t seem to do it by phone. You have to do it online, so anyone who has information about my first question it would appreciate hearing the information. Thanks to all.

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Dr Bessler. Columbia Presbyterian hospital in NYC


Thanks I’ll check him out . really appreciate it.

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