Type two diabetic overeating sweets

Posted by kamar @kamar, Apr 2, 2019

I am a type 2 diabetic and my bs Is not in control. I seem to reach for the sweets at my desk at work especially in the morning. I don’t snack near as much at home on the weekends. I get to work, and here come the seets. we have a coworker that buys boxes of candy and has them on a display shelf by her desk which is right across from me. I just feel like I have to do something with my hand that does not use the computer mouse and reaching for candy or cookies and right to my mouth. I know its stress related and gives me something to do while i’m concentrating on work. I sometimes don’t even realize that i’m doing it. what can I do to help this.?

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I wrote too long a reply and lost it before finishing. I can tell you what I did and it wasn't hard at all to change my life. I must break down the message in parts to get it in the reply space. I am reorganizing my thoughts and message. I know I can help you, friend. Dorisena


thank you dorisena. any help is appreciated no matter how short or long.


You’re going to have have a replacement for the candy. Perhaps eat a better breakfast with protein and fat to make sure you’re not hungry and then try snacking on slices of cucumbers or something similar and low carb – but breaking the habit on non-stop snacking would be best.


It is time to have a talk with yourself. You can't put bad food in your mouth if it is not available. Only purchase food that is low carb or no sugar for your use.
Buy "safe" food that you enjoy and concentrate on protein, veggies, a little fruit, and small amounts of bread. Eat nuts and a little popcorn for snacks. Ask your coworker to please move that candy away from you, or you may get sick and die. She will get mad, but you must be loyal to you. You owe your job good health and you can't do it with those sweets in the way. I can explain the psychology I used on myself and it was not difficult at all. I watched my husband die from cancer and untreated diabetes, and he would never comply with sensible eating. I certainly wouldn't do that to myself because actually I like myself better than that, and I don't allow others to harm my health with their sweets. I eat my birthday cake once a year, get a headache, do some exercise, and get over it. I eat waffles on Christmas. I gave up white bread, white potatoes, and sweets. I drink no colas and very little wine. Tell your co-worker that sugar feeds cancer cells, and you don't intend to do that. A little fruit will cure your sweet tooth in no time. And you won't have dental cavities.
I will explain my personal psychology later. Dorisena


Look, I realize that this eating requires a lifestyle change and it requires liking yourself and believing that you can help yourself very much. Pills are not the solution if you do not plan to change your eating habits. I will try any different food at almost any price after I read the label or check the carb value on the web. I even ate okra! Now my son it eating it as well, and he discovered Kohlrabi and has me growing both foods in the garden for us. I want to be well more than my friends do, so I study and get the facts to help me. My weakness is not sweets but the fact that I do not like exercise, however I like to work and grow food, and I like to cook. If I make a baked sweet, I may eat one small piece and give the rest away. This makes me popular among my friends, and that feels good. I am still shocked that I have type 2 diabetes because I have always eaten a lot of veggies, but I know that I overate. Well, after working hard, that is easy to do, and I never threw anything out. Now I share with my dog, but the vet says that is not a good thing to do. More later.


@kamar You do need to not have any of the goodies. I have a problem with having JUST one. It sounds like you do too. I do keep a few things in the house, like some dark chocolate, but most days I don't eat any of it. There are other things I simply do not buy, knowing I won't resist them.

Of course for you at work this is different, a co-worker is bringing the goodies in. Could you tell her you have trouble resisting the delicious things she brings to the office and ask if she could locate them just a bit further away? Maybe on a bookcase, or the secretary's desk. Somewhere less accessible. For me, the first best step though, is not having any at all.

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