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Stomach problems

Posted by @tkuester in Digestive Health, Aug 3, 2013

Does anyone have any input. It started in April of 2013 with abdominal pain in the middle of the stomach. I went to the Er. They did a cat scan, ultra sound, and blood work. My liver functions were elevated slightly and on the cat I had some inflammation around the duodenum and pancreas. My lipase and amylase was normal. I was in extreme pain for 10 days. The pain was mostly in the low back. I recovered at home because they felt I didn't need to stay in the hospital. I finally did recover, but 4 months later I still have some symptoms. I get bloated/heavy stomach real easy pretty much 24/7, both of my side flanks constantly are bugging me. I'm sometimes nauseous. Not to much pain in the upper stomach. I have a little right shoulder pain. Since the initial ER trip I have had a 2 cat scans, Mri, mrcp, hida scan, and 2 EUS. The second EUS was done by one of the best GI docs in the world. It's nice living in MN for health care. His concentration was on the pancreas. He said I had 1 out of 9 of the criteria to diagnose pancreatitis so he wasn't to worried about it. He did see some sludge on in the gallbladder, and my HIDA scan was at at 30% which means it's close to being called a lazy gallbladder. He was thinking about removing the gallbladder. The gallbladder surgeon wants me to wait a few months because most of my symptoms are not gallbladder related. I was thinking about pushing for a pet scan. Does anyone have any ideas on additional test I should do or what the problem is. I have never had any issues in my life until this. I have also never had a case of acute . Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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