Stomach pain and diarhhea

Posted by Estdenis @estdenis, Aug 20, 2012

I have had abdominal pain and diarhhea for 15 days and counting. I have seen my Dr. and ER doctor. No answers. What possible could be wrong with me?

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Is it constant? Have they done a test on your stool? What about diet has it changed?


Avg. 4-5 times per day. They have done all tests they can think of and
Everything looks Normal? I have short bouts of this since 2007 but never this long. I did start with a nutritional coach 6 wks prior to this onset and started on whole foods, exercise, vitamins, protein power and supplements.


I have exact thing! two weeks 2 trips to ER! PAIN cant eat,the whole IBS thing! EEEk, gota get well and soon!


Hi there, sorry about what you have been going through. Please do not assume you have IBS just because this has been going on for a couple of weeks. MANY other factors can enter in to this.
Some of those things include:(1) a type of 'flu' bug (even if you don't have all the other symptoms that supposedly go with the flu);(2) a sudden allergy to something new or a regular food you are eating, --ANYTHING you put in your mouth that involved a change; this includes a change in coffees, teas and EVEN water. A new supplement, inc. (3) an infection of sort that could be centered anywhere in your stomach or bowels, (4) worms, parasites -- much more common than people realize) and good ol' # (5) a change in your life that is involving stress..and sometimes its sneaky because you don't THINK you are worrying or obsessing about it.
This is just a suggestion. Try going on an ALL CLEAR liquid diet (Google for a good one) for 2 full days...3 if you can manage. Nothing you can't see through clearly. Usually this gives the bowels a badly needed rest. So often a new med can cause horrid diarrhea. Anyway, good luck to you!! Hope you get better really soon!


I have been dealing with this for 14 months straight with no answers or relief. I have had IBS-C for as long as I can remember. In July of 2011, something changed drastically. I started having chronic, extremely painful bouts of diarrhea every single day. After the first few days, I was very dehydrated and went to the ER and was told that it is just IBS, given fluids and an antispasmodic prescription. The medication was of no help and I followed up with my primary care doctor. Several blood tests, fecal samples, and a HIDA scan later, I was told all of my problems were caused by a failing gallbladder. I had the gallbladder removed in September of 2011 with hopes that life would return to normal. Wrong. If anything it has gotten worse. I went back to my primary care doctor in January and was referred to a gastroenterologist. The gastro chalked it up to not being able to adjust to not having a gallbladder anymore and the pain in my right side being scar tissue. She prescribed Welchol to help absorb the bile salts, which hasn't worked. Fast forward to the present and the doctor is now claiming IBS (without any tests) and once again was given the useless antispasmodics. This has really impacted my life horribly. I get disgusted by the lack of trying to find and treat the cause and just wanting to mask the symptoms. I can't leave the house often because of the constant potential of messing myself. I wish you much better luck than I.

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