Stomach pain and bloating for 4 months after eating frozen pizza

Posted by goldenmummy @goldenmummy, Aug 20, 2018

Basically four months ago (April 9th) I ate a severely undercooked frozen pizza and have felt like something is stuck in my stomach ever since. The pizza had a lot of raw dough in it. I’m very bloated and nauseous a lot of the time. Also it causes other pains like arm pain and leg pain. I’m not constipated per se, but my motility is awful now. I feel like I have no movement in my digestive system. My digestive system is full of stool also and never really empties, even though I have bowel movements. I have had many tests done (MRI to test for Crohns, colonoscopy, endoscopy, and most recently a gastric emptying study) all with normal results. I believe I have raw dough stuck in my stomach and/or yeast causing a problem in my stomach. I have tried making myself throw up, but it’s hard to do and exhausting. I go back to my GI doctor on September 15. I think I may need to have my stomach pumped or have surgery of some kind, as I am not getting any better and it has been over four months. Please if you have some insight share it with me. I’m not sure what to do and I’m at the end of my rope. Thank you.


Hello. I am still not feeling better. I have stomach pain and bloating. I have pain in the middle of my back and radiating up my neck and it never seems to go away. I saw a surgeon and we discussed the possibility of doing a laparoscopy surgery on my stomach, but he said I would need to do a motility study before they would take that drastic step, which I am in the process of trying to do now. I'm waiting to hear from my GI doctor about doing that study.

I am also trying to a doctor at the NYC Digestive Center at Weill Cornell. I have to get my primary doctor to request my insurance company to see if they will approve visiting this doctor.

Does anyone here have any other thoughts? I am in so much pain everyday. It is my belief that I will need to have surgery to see what is going on inside my stomach. I still think I have something stuck in there from when I ate the raw pizza/the uncooked pizza. My other option is to see a 4th GI doctor in the area who takes my insurance and is accepting patients.

Thank you. I appreciate any feedback.

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Hello @goldenmummy, I'm glad that you posted again. As I had not heard from you in a while I had wondered if you were feeling better or not. I am sorry to hear that you are still experiencing discomfort. It is good to hear, however, that you have a plan in place to see what might be the problem. Have you had any previous surgeries of the digestive tract, such as gallbladder surgery?

I look forward to hearing from you again. Will you post an update after your motility study?


I have had an appendectomy and no other surgeries.

Sure I'll post an update. It's not certain that my GI doctor will do the study though. He still has to get back to me and he is very slow to respond :/

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