Stomach pain

Posted by susan1974 @susan1974, Jan 2, 2020

It all started with a tiny pain in my stomach area, ignored it for two months than grew a little concerned, went to Dr had a CT scan w/o contrast, everything seemed fine. Went about my life made some changes to diet with no change. 1 month after CT i was mowing grass and hit a bump and it gave me a horrible pain in the mid right side abdominal area, the next day it was difficult to walk without guarding my stomach, pain would incapacitate me at time, went back to Dr, order colonoscopy that came back fine, endoscopic came back fine, meanwhile I’ve lost 20 LBS within 4 months, this condition also brought out rosacea on my face, something I’ve never had before all of this. Was treated for SIBO but i think i was mistreated due to not given the right antibiotics for the SIBO with high methane. My GI Dr looks at me like I’m crazy I’m losing about 1/2 LB a week while still consuming over 1000 calories daily. Second CT scan done with contrast showed a list of potential stuff, but once again GI DR wasn’t impressed with the scan and still doesn’t know what’s wrong. 🤷‍♀️ Sorry this was so long.

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@susan1974 – Have you been tested for celiac disease? Came to think of celiac when you mentioned weight loss, abdominal pain and rosacea.

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