Stomach and esophagus cramps and spasms

Posted by darweshalassi @darweshalassi, Jan 21, 2020

Hello everyone , 2 years until now i have bad digestion a lot of sounds and voices inside my stomach to my throat like gurgles and burbs it wont stop some times i feel like a very small bubble growing untill it explode to a burb inside my throat , i went to Gi he told me its GERD , he put me on ppi `s and for 9 month i tried the whole ppi med`s .. nothing helped actually make it worse than before i stopped them , and also i have nausea it wont go away last GI told me to go to psychiatrist i dont know why but i did go .. and they put me on cipralex ( same as lexapro ) cuz i live in saudi arabia , actually it helped me with nausea part .. but stil the digestion is bad so much .. i tried a lot of things even i tried HCL insted of ppi but i still having this sounds and gurgles
the doctor said its dyspepsia functional .. but i really dont know what to do
i did Endoscopy before in the report they told me i have hital hernia but can the haital hernia do all of that ? i still dont know ..
can someone help me with that ? thanks!

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Replying to your questuon about a hiatal hernia causing all of your problems I would say most likely. I have a hiatal hernia and have also had the Nissen fundoplication done. Mine has held up well up until the last year and now I am back to having significant issues. I was just diagnosed with Barretts and I'm not convinced that the Nissen wrap slid or is failing. It is causing breathing problems that they say are separate from my asthma. Anyway, my suggestion is to find a surgeon who has high success rate with working on fixing hernias. God bless.

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sorry to hear that Greff ;( i hope u will be fine soon ..
and sure i`ll try to find a good doctor !!!

thanks 😉


I was diagnosed a year ago. I take a med that is called FDguard. It is for Functional Dispepcia. I eat small meals,and am on a small antidepressant. A lot of us also take propanol to relax the esophagus. Some days are better in fact you will get more days better than not. Good luck .

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hey! yeah i was reading lately about the FDguard and i hope this will work ..
and i`ll speak with the dr about the propanal also ..
thanks ivon !! good luck for u also

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