Questions about managing a Stoma Pouch

Posted by gordy6898p @gordy6898p, Nov 10, 2023

During the past several months I've had an indwelling Foley catheter and leg bag....

Apparently external stoma pouches have to be frequently drained, every 2-4 hours from what I gather.

It should be easy to simply connect the stoma pouch to a leg bag with a short length of tubing.... perhaps extending drain intervals to 6-8 hours.

Would this be a practical solution?

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Thanks, very helpful information......

In my case, the final Chemo #6 was on January 17. My next appointment is scheduled for February 7.

Hopefully, sometime between now and February 7, the VA docs will have decided on the surgery date.

From what I gather, a major concern with stoma care is skin irritation due to urine leakage under the seal adhesive.

Since some urine will continue to seep during bag changes, there should be a way to prevent that.

My thoughts are, why not temporarily, and very carefully, plug the stoma? Using, for example, a Q-tip coated with "Skin Repair Cream."

P.S. Your suggestion of placing the overnight bag in a bucket is a good idea. I rarely use the overnight bag, relying on the leg bag. After I awaken the leg bag is never more than half-full, and my bladder is always empty. The VA nurses discourage me from doing that, but I don't see any problem there.

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Thanks, I will.

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Call Hollister. They make the bags (pouches) and they will send you samples of bags and other items.


@gordy6898p, you may find some useful tips about leakage in this related discussion:
- Ileostomy leaks and skin care

It looks like you've done some extensive searching online about ostomies, so you've probably already seen this article from U of Chicago Medicine. I find it clear and it answers a lot of questions

- A Guide to Ostomy Bags and Pouching Systems

When will you be getting your stoma?

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Because of leakage I change pouches every 3 days. Recently I've discovered that if I spray my skin twice with skin barrier spray before attaching the pouch with the barrier ring installed on the pouch it has not leaked.
Also my Stoma nurse at Mayo told me that you need to cut the hole in your pouch about 1/16 of an inch larger than the Stoma so the barrier ring can creep through between the Stoma and the pouch. If you do it proper you can see a white ring around the Stoma about an hour after changing

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