Stimwave user here: What's been your experience?

Posted by donw @donw200, Aug 20, 2019

Like most of us, I did not want a battery implant so I went with Stimwave scs. Its been permanently placed on my spine about 10 days ago. I do feel a little less pain, but my right foot nerve pain still prevents me from sleeping normal hours, preparing home meals and doing normal tasks. I am disappointed. I was hoping for more relief. My worst pain bursts went from 10 to 9. Plus, I still need pain pills.

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What approaches would you recommend?

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Have you looked in to a comprehensive pain management program to learn coping mechanisms, and how to work with your chronic pain?


It has been a month and my Stimwave SCS is still not helping much.

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I've had mine for four months now and it really isn't helping. I have a medtronic scs also and it works great for my legs….did you ever get relief from the stimwave? I'm about ready to ask to have leads added to my medtronic scs to help my upper body and be done with the stimwave. Ugh this really sucks


Pain specialists should not do a permanent implant unless the patient reports at least a 50% improve in pain. From the sound of it, you are nowhere near a 50% improvement. I am sure you did a “trial” before the stimulator was implanted, at least I hope you did. The trial will help,a patient decide if the relief is worth putting it in permanently. How did your trial go?


I have excruciating right calf neuropathic pain associated with the Peroneal Nerve. I am getting the 7 day trial of the Stim Wave at the Pain Clinic at Northwestern Univ in Chicago. The doctor there has done literally hundreds if not thousands of them.

He initially tried three injections, two right into the peroneal nerve, and one in the base of the spine, to try and reduce the pain if only for an hour. This would help him determine if the Stim Wave would be efficacious. Since I did get short pain relief, this is an indicator. So I do the trial starting May 19.

I have tried everything else, gaba, tegretol, CBD oils and creams, chiropractic, acupuncturist, let's see, how many other disciplines have I left out. Right now I am getting about 25% relief from gaba and teg with the addition of 75 mg Amitriptyline. This combo is helping a bit but the Amitrip makes you so dopey it really is not a best way to live a life.

I shall check in after the implant if anyone is interested. Let me know. ken


I have been put on high doses of Gabapentin 300 mg capsules 12 a day and Nucynta 2 tabs 250 mg per tab, I am still having very painful nights and days. I ranched my whole life and was very active, so it's hard to be down a lot of the time. If I hear of anything new that is helpful I will pass it on. Bless you all, Scott

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When you were taking 3600mg of gaba a day were you very tired?

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