Stimwave lead came aprt in my back

Posted by scubafreak @scubafreak, Feb 14 1:04pm

I have a Stimwave A8 neurostimulator. The lead is implanted in my lumbar. I wear the battery and the antennae straps to the exterior of my back. Recently I had to have an injection of the L2 because of a disk bulge. The pain management doctor noted on the screen that all the parts of the implanted lead had fragmented to various parts of my back. I was stunned. Rather than a linear pattern of successive, square dots forming the lead, I was looking at little square dots scattered around my vertebrae. This is a catastrophic break of the implant. Has anyone heard of this happening before and is there any advice? Thanks

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Find a skilled, experienced neurosurgeon who is confident enough to remove the fragments. Are you still getting stimulation from this thing?


No, it's not working. I see a doctor soon. Company says I'm mistaken. We will see.

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