Stiff fingers and wrist after distal radius surgery

Posted by ElaineG @elaineg1, Mar 4, 2018

I had 2 surgeries on a crushed wrist, the bone slipped and had to be redone. I’m 66 and have had no experience with this issue. I am in physical therapy but my fingers won’t bend and wrist won’t bend up or down.

Hi Elaine, welcome back to Connect. I moved your message to the Bones, Joints & Muscles group so you can meet other members who may have had a similar experience with distal radius surgery and stiff fingers. I'm bringing @leslie324 @rannie @magigar and @TonyHart87 into the conversation in the hopes that they'll have something to add.

In the meantime, Elaine, we look forward to getting to know more about you. It must be so frustrating to not see improvement even with physical therapy. How long ago did you have the surgery redone and how long have you been doing physio?

Hey Elaine, So sorry to hear about your wrist. I know how frustrating it can be to have wrist issues with how much we use our hands everyday. Sometimes your doctor or therapist gives you a range of expected recovery when such an issue happens (such as you are expected to have 70-80% of mobility back), so you should certainly ask when you see them next. It's much more comforting knowing instead of expecting it to be back to 100% or "normal". Are you experiencing pain or just inflexibility? Is it getting better with physical therapy?

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