Stenosis ++

Posted by katie215 @katie215, Aug 15, 2020

Age 71yo old gal here. L5S1 autofusion, Grace II spondylolisthesis. Severe spinal stenosis complicated by significant impingement L5 nerves, both foramen caused by loss of foramenal height. Extensive spurring. Surgery ruled out due to possible need to refracture autofusion.

Ergo, surviving with opioid "cocktail", gabapentin, +++twisting, burning, stabbing pain, both calves and thighs, 24/7.

Very cooperative helping husband but wearing thin on perseverance here. Cannot imagine another 10+ years of this with a brain that's operating at warp speed.

Perhaps there is someone somewhere sharing these same issues looking at same future.

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Have they tried any type of nerve block to see if that helps? I have a neck that has had both a 2 level surgical fusion and has been autofused for many years. Stenosis. I get some whopper muscle spasms. About every 12 weeks I get a neck nerve block (bilaterally) using ultrasound guidance. Some corticosteroids and bupivicaine. Not perfect but definitely helps. However similar didn’t help my back problem, which gives me sciatic pain. That consists of a previous multilevel fusion with “moderate to severe stenosis”. I refused another fusion surgery and eventually got (in January) a Spinal Cord Stimulator. The trial was successful so I went ahead and am glad I did it.

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