Stem cell treatment for peripheral neuropathy - any good?

Posted by nightgig @nightgig, Sep 25, 2018

I just attended a very convincing presentation of stem cell treatment for peripheral neuropathy. It showed that the symptoms can virtually disappear in a month or so. If its so good, why can't I find anything that the Mayo Clinic is doing? Also, the Mayo website says that 'some medications are possible causes of peripheral neuropathy, but doesn't say which ones! The presentation today said the culprit was statin drugs. I have been taking statins for 20 years or more. Should I stop?


I don't like to be the one to say this, but my understanding is that stem cell treatment has never cured any illness. I guess those in the know feel that the benefits of trying it are going to suddenly blossom in to success. But as of today, stem cell therapy is unproven, but that doesn't stop people from promising miracle cures in some countries. I read on that someone asked the question, "Does stem cell therapy work?" One response was, "The short answer is no. We do not have a good enough protocol to safely inject stem cells and control their differentiation in vivo."

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This was dr Shane Shapiro at Mayo in Florida. They used stem cells in the knees. For knee injuries.

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