Starting Prolia

Posted by julieann9 @julieann9, May 21 8:07am

I am very sensitive to medication.
I will be starting Prolia soon. Is it possible to start it at a low trial dose
to see how I react? Thanks.

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It should be! Ask your doc.


There is so much to understand. I think dosage depends on our weight etc. the biggest problem I have is doctors don’t tell you all the details of the drug. Yet if they did….maybe none of us would take the drug. And another fact is we are responsible for doing the research on the drug before taking it. AND…… the doctors don’t acknowledge that the side affects you complain about are reality. Whew! Look at the big picture. The answer is not right or wrong. It is all about what could be best for you as an individual. Some of us look at medication so strongly. Bottom line. It is a good thing! And it is a bad thing! Has your body responded well with medication in the past? Or have you had many side affects from even Tylenol? It’s so hard to come to the right decision for yourself. Good luck. 😊


julieann9, you should try to read Dr Keith McCormick's book Great Bones.. specifically the medication section. He will outline Prolia side effects, use long term and how to transition off Prolia to another osteo med.


Thanks so much for the advice.

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