started dialis the fractured my hip I am so worried

Posted by sally86 @sally86, Mar 16 3:45am

Hello, I started dial is endstage ten days ago, I fell at home and fractured my hip. I made an appointment before I lost, so I should. Call immediately to see if I can get into the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, where my appointment is. Correct?
This just happened. Thank you, anyone, for any help.

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Hi Sally86,
I am having trouble understanding your post. Are you now having end stage kidney dialysis? And after you started your dialysis 10 days ago you fell and fractured your hip? Are you in the hospital now having your hip replaced?
Your hip definitely needs immediate attention- the hospital will take care of your dialysis while you are an in patient there.


Sally86, I'm so sorry to hear about your fractured hip. Just happened? I hope that you will be receiving medical care by now. Both the hip and the dialysis need to be treated. If you are in the hospital, you can have inpatient dialysis. Have the hospital where you are being cared for contact Mayo about your dialysis order/schedule.

I had dialysis in hospital bedside, and also was transported to the inpatient dialysis area. I will be looking for any updates.


Hi Sally. I hear the anxiousness in your post. This has to be an unsettling and overwhelming time for you . That is a normal reaction in such a difficult time.
I'm hoping you've gotten the treatment you need for both situations.
Were you able to get your hip treated ?
Hopefully your dialysis wasn't interrupted at all.
Thinking of you today!

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