Stage III Colon Cancer and Lyme Disease-Treatment for both?

Posted by kjm246 @kjm246, Mar 1 11:47am

Does anyone have experience with having neurological Lyme disease first then getting CRC? I had many neuro symptoms from undiagnosed Lyme and Epstein Barr for 5 years that finally improved as my immune system got stronger after several months of antibiotics in my 30’s. Now with Stage III colon cancer in my early 50’s, I tried Capox but have severe sensory and motor neurological side effects and brain fog after the first cycle. I’m not sure if it’s Lyme-related or chemo-induced.

After Lyme treatment and a recent partial colectomy and until chemo began last month, I felt I was in good health- still able to run, ski, play tennis, etc and on no meds post surgery except a daily vitamin and a calcium supplement.

Oncologists, neurologists and my PCP don’t seem to know what to do with me other than to say that I’m an outlier with a lot of neurological issues from different diseases and they’ve never worked with someone like me before.

If you have any advice on providers/treatment centers that could address a complex set of neurological symptoms probably stemming from multiple diagnoses I would be grateful. Thank you.

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Hi @kjm246, I'm tagging fellow member @sundance6 who has experience with both Lyme disease and colorectal cancer.

May I ask what chemo protocol you are on? How much longer will you be on chemo?


Thank you Colleen, for the connection to another Lyme and CRC patient. I was started on Capox but had to take a break recently due to toxicity.

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