Diagnosed with stage 5 kidney disease, but feel fine

Posted by carrikerge @carrikerge, May 21, 2019

My brother-in-law was told he has stage five kidney disease. He has been diagnosed starting four years ago. ‘He says he feels fine and has no problem. He is not convinced.

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Hi @carrikerge, welcome to Connect. I can imagine that you are concerned for your brother- in-law. I'd like to bring some other members into the conversation who also have experience with stage 5 chronic kidney disease (CKD), like @kimberlyharris @marvinjsturing @beach757 @judyth. @kamama94 might also have valuable information for this discussion.

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Carrie, Are you afraid that your brother-in-law is not taking his diagnosis seriously? Has he adopted any lifestyle changes to help manage his condition?


I can relate to @carriekerge brother-in-law, I'm stage 4 and except for being tired by early afternoon (I'm 74 and have heart disease, diabetes, COPD, and fibromyalgia so no wonder!) I feel fine. Part of that's due to a kidney-friendly, diabetes-friendly diet. I know for sure I have renal disease, though, I've seen the images of my quite-dead, atrophied left kidney. Neph still classifies me in stage 4 but BUN & creatinine are fairly good and eGFR is 33, which actually is stage 3 b. Bottom line, though, get 2nd or even 3rd opinions and follow a healthy lifestyle, address any other diagnoses or conditions. Welcome to the discussion! Thanks to @rosemarya for the mention.


@carrikerge Let me add my welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect! We're glad that you found us. Kidney disease is pretty dang sneaky. It often is a slow progression. We learn to accommodate to it and live with it without realizing how it may be affecting us overall. That might be what has happened with your brother-in-law. He has gotten used to how he feels and the slow decline in the quality of life hasn't made a big impression on him. At Stage 5 kidney disease kidney issues can suddenly raise their heads and crash the body. Just like the old saying, "you can lead a horse…" you can offer your brother-in-law sources of information, but until he's ready to understand the severity of his condition there may not be much that he'll do to address it. Please come back and let us know what we can do to help you, support you and offer resources for your brother-in-law

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My wife saw a doctor at Mayo, Scottsdale clinic. They didn't tell her they didn't accept Blue Cross, just sent a bill for $6500. That is not right!


Hi @john123 I’m so sorry to hear about your less than satisfactory experience. Please be assured that Mayo Clinic would want you to feel comfortable and confident about your care and your time at Mayo. I’d sincerely encourage you to visit the Office of Patient Experience website https://www.mayoclinic.org/about-mayo-clinic/patient-experience
There you will find contact information for the individual campuses, and also a general email. Staff are available to discuss comments or concerns you stated you have about the billing.


You must not have read my response very closely. I will never be a patient at Mayo, much less a comfortable one. Since your staff didn't disclose that you did not accept Blue Cross insurance and then you stuck us with a bill for $6400. Comprende?


@john123 I can't speak for Scottsdale. I have been going to Rochester for 5 years. I also have Blue Cross. The only charges I have had to pay was to meet my deductible. I have received a couple of bills, but when I called about them, I was told they had not yet sent them to my insurance company or they had coded them wrong and they were rejected by insurance. After correcting the error and resubmitting them, the insurance company paid the bills.


You must not have read my response very closely. I will never be a patient at Mayo, much less a comfortable one. Since your staff didn't disclose that you did not accept Blue Cross insurance and then you stuck us with a bill for $6400. Comprende?

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@john123 I would certainly contact Mayo. This is from their page re insurances accepted at Mayo Scottsdale:
"Commercial Insurance Plan Contracts
At Mayo Clinic's campus in Arizona, Mayo Clinic providers and Mayo Clinic Hospital are contracted with the organizations listed below.
Your benefit coverage for care provided by Mayo Clinic is determined solely by your insurance company and is based on the provisions of your specific medical benefit plan.
Please contact the customer service department on the back of your member identification card to confirm if you have in-network access to Mayo Clinic, as well as your benefit level, for care provided at Mayo Clinic.
You may also contact Mayo Clinic directly at 480-301-7033, 800-603-0558 (toll-free) or 480-
301-7101 (international) for more details about the information listed below."

The link is https://www.mayoclinic.org/patient-visitor-guide/billing-insurance/insurance/accepted-insurance/contracted-health-plans
Blue Cross Blue Shield is listed there, with specific details.
May I gently remind you that the patient also bears responsibility in seeing that there is coverage, and indeed it may be a billing error.
**disclaimer: I am not a Mayo Clinic employee, nor a patient at any campus

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