Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer diagnosis, 1st appt at Mayo in 2 weeks

Posted by joycein @joycein, Mar 15, 2023

Looking for info, as just diagnosed by wonderful local oncologist with Stage 4 Ovarian cancer after thoracentesis, ct scan, vaginal ultrasound, CA125 etc. I want best possible surgical outcome, & wait is too long for local gyn onc, so have 1st appt in 2 weeks at Mayo MN. Onc wants me to have colonoscopy as father died of late stage colon cancer. I would like to have colonoscopy at Mayo with this appt, is that possible? Also need Internal Exam since haven’t been able to get in to gyn Onc locally, and also likely will need surgical debulking if I’m a candidate. Since I live 7 hrs away, am wondering if that will all be part of 1st visit, or will I likely need to schedule any or all of that for another time? How can I make sure the Medical Provider understands this is what I’m hoping to accomplish at this visit? Oncology Registration has been great, but these aren’t questions they can answer. Since mine is late stage and ovarian can grow
so quickly, I can’t afford any delays, I’ve asked to be placed on cancellation list, anything else I can do to be seen before 2 weeks out? Thank you for any suggestions or answers. I’m kind of a wreck at the moment.

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Just be positive I had cancer in the late stage but mine was a rare kind ovarian it always gets better


@joycein, apologies for the late reply. If I'm calculating correctly, you have your appointment at Mayo Clinic coming soon. This week? Were you able to call and ask about scheduling a colonoscopy during the same visit?

If you haven't already, I suggest you download the patient portal

You can ask your questions there or call the appointment office
I'm sure @naturegirl5 also has some tips for you and can answer questions as you prepare for your visit. Is this your first time to Mayo Clinic in Rochester?


@joycein Is your appointment this week? If so, on what day?

I had a colonoscopy in 2020 at Mayo Clinic. The Gastrointestinal Dept. required that I first meet with a provider at Mayo Clinic (in my case, a PA) and then the colonoscopy was scheduled on a different date. My situation was different from yours in that I do not have a history of colorectal cancer in my family and I did not have a referral from a Mayo Clinic provider.

I agree with Colleen @colleenyoung who suggested that you ask your questions about additional appointments, for instance, about the colonoscopy via the patient portal. Since you have appointments already scheduled at Mayo Clinic you will have access to the portal.

I live 8 hours away from Mayo Clinic so like you I try to accomplish as much as I can during my Mayo visit. They are very aware that we travel from a distance to our appointments and their schedulers try very hard to get us scheduled in and around our primary appointments. If for some reason you cannot get the additional appointments scheduled prior to your visit I suggest writing your questions down so that when you talk with the oncologist at Mayo Clinic you can bring up all of your questions and concerns. One of the great things about Mayo Clinic - and there are many - is that you won't be rushed through your appointment. You will have time to get all of your questions and concerns answered.

Is this your first time going to Mayo Clinic in Rochester?


I would go down there you dont want to wait I know it sounds crazy you already late stage you want dont wait!!!!!!


A colonoscopy requires preparation: no food for at least 24hrs, drinking a bowel prep or pills followed by tons of water and pooping till everything looks clear. Patients are sedated during a colonoscopy. I think you need to be awake & alert for your first appointment because you will get tons of info, and maybe sign documents or make plans to fight the cancer or any other options presented to you by the oncologist.

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