Stage 2a rectal cancer start Chemo: Does the PICC line hurt?

Posted by lou3 @lou3, May 26 11:39am

I had LAR surgery to remove tumour and pathology report was all good except tumour almost hit outer layer so T3 on report. Oncologist suggested chemo, 4 cycles. I have to get PICC line I. Same day as chemo. Does it hurt to get Picc line inserted? What side effects do you remember the first time(forgot to mention I have an ileostomy temporary) do waiting for that to be reversed too. Scared!!! Lou

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Mine did, but the port always felt unusual/unnatural. Mine was placed about 5 inches above the right nipple maybe 2-3 inches below the front of the collarbone. Mine had 3 little bumps which enabled the nurse to find the entry spot easily.

Once starting chemo, the issues I had were mainly irritation from the bandages that are applied to protect/secured the inserted line and the removal/adhesive residue.

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Many thanks for your information.

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