Stage 1C granulosa ovarian cancer

Posted by scoobydo2017 @scoobydo2017, Apr 18, 2017

Dear Mayo Clinic, I am 48 years old and diagnosed with adult granulosa ovarian tumor (sex-cord). Stage 1C because the 15cm 10cm 7.5cm capsule had ruptured. They thought they were going in to remove a cyst on my ovary. I suffered for 3 days because the emergency room said I had to wait until my scheduled Monday for surgery. I have slight hyperthyroidism and protein S deficiency. My They removed both ovaries/tumor, a full hysterectomy and oophorectomy, removal of one lymph node, the omentum (an area of fat attached to the lower part of the stomach). All samples came back clean from the hysterectomy. My family and I are confused on the issue to follow with BEP chemo. Is there another treatment or do observation? Do you have any data to support that chemo could lesson my risk of recurrence? Percentage of recurrence? @sc2017oobydo

Welcome @scoobydo2017,
Connect is an online community where patients can share experiences and find support from others. I’d like to connect you with other women talking about ovarian cancer. Please meet @joannedb @katethegreat @caf132 @rena42 @pauldale4 @mfell @gill @jfc4 @libbysmom and @mohavegal. You can read more about them in this discussion:

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Scoobydo, for your specific questions, I recommend calling Mayo Clinic and getting a second opinion. Here are the contact numbers at our 3 campuses in MN, AZ and FL

@elenab, you planned to get a second opinion at Mayo for ovarian cancer. Do you have anything to share?

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