Squamous cell neuro endocrine in the uterus metastasized to lungs

Posted by nwilson03 @nwilson03, Jan 20 4:48am

Help! Mom is 82. We’re at Orlando Health. Came in 2 weeks ago for pain in uterus through ER. They thought mom had tuberculosis at first then radiology said it was cancer. They admitted us and several days later said it’s squamous cell neuro endocrine stage 4. It’s in the uterus and pelvic bones and metastasized to lungs. I am next to moms bed awaiting chemo today. They placed a port and I’m scared to death. I pleaded with my sister to send mom to Mayo or md Anderson but moms pain has her unable to really walk too much. The dr is a hematology/ oncologist. I feel they just want to keep her her for the $ stays in house. Mom already signed the papers to receive chemo today. I’m just lost, it’s been a horrible week of trying to figure this all out.

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@nwilson03 This is devastating about your beloved mother. In your position I would want everything that could be done for my mother to be done. What does your mother want? Would she want another opinion or options?

You are in Florida so not too far away from the Mayo Jacksonville campus. Here is the link in case you'd like to ask for another opinion.
How are you feeling tonight? How is your mother?

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