Sports bra or bralette: How do you measure size?

Posted by karen442 @karen442, May 18 3:21pm

I'm six weeks post- double mastectomy and made the decision to go with the Goldilocks procedure for reconstruction. I've been given the ok to wear a sports bra. Anyone have any tips for measuring bra/cup size if going you go with a bralette? I'm guessing it's the same as prior to surgery. I'm headed back to work in a few weeks and thought something padded would be nice, since I don't want to wear a prosthesis. Thank you for the guidance and support I've received from following this group. Hang in there everyone-we are each beautiful in our own way and in the sight of God!

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Hope you continue on your road to recovery. It’s interesting that you are asking about sports bras…which are different from bralettes.

I just recently shopped for some bras that would come up higher in a deep v blouse and found that sports bras , which I used to wear occasionally, are the best thing. Some of them have actual sizes and a lot are small, medium, large, etc. This requires much trying on as the brands are all so different. I bought one in my regular size at Penney’s and then tried so many other brands in both small and medium. I bought the best one in Soma but there are cheaper ones around. My favorite is the Soma because the material is silky soft, it is lightly padded (pads are removable) , has adjustable straps and a regular closure.

I found I did not like the ones that you have to pull over your head and kind of struggle with. The Soma one was $46. None of these bras were cheap.

I would start shopping now and look at the material….you need to be comfortable all day. I don’t want to have to adjust anything but I do prefer the adjustable straps….I found the elastic non adjustable straps stretch and don’t always lay smooth. Just buy a few and hand wash until you start accumulating more. And, like all bras, they stretch over time. I recommend you stick to the adjustable straps, adjustable back closure and the soft silky material. Also be aware that , although the size is what you usually wear, it may not well.

At this point I know more about what works for me because I tried on so many. I would aim for your regular size and go from there. Some in my regular size were too tight and came too far up under the arms…when I went up one size or cup size, I couldn’t find a good fit. There seems to be so much variety in fit in these bras. The padding is very light in all.

So be prepared to do a lot of trying on and, if you come across a perfect one, maybe stick with that brand.

I may have repeated myself lol. I came home so tired from taking my shirt on and off so many times. Next time I will stick to the good department stores and ask for help if I can find a sales lady.

My daughter hasn’t worn a regular bra in years and she has so many sports bras and a lot that have heavier padding that a several years old.

Good hunting
FL Mary


@karen442 — Wow, I just looked up the Goldilocks SWIM procedure and it's amazing! I had never heard of it. I wish I had been given that option when I had my mastectomy back in 2013 not only for the obvious reason, but I wouldn't have been left with these horrible "dog ears" or "side boobs" after choosing no reconstruction.

I hope you're happy with the result and are healing well. Blessings to you!

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