Splanchnic Nerve Blocks for Abdominal Pain

Posted by mmoss @mmoss, Feb 23, 2021

Looking to find out if anyone out there has had this procedure for abdominal pain. I have been suffering with lower abdominal burning pain for two months. Thank you.

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@mmoss – Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect! I know how exhausting it must be for you to have that kind of pain for 2 months. Can you tell us a bit more about your general health and if you have seen doctors and had tests done? There are quite a few members that are dealing with chronic abdominal pain and may have had this kind of nerve block.
Let's see if someone will join the discussion!


I am 67 years old and have a burning pain in my lower abdomen. I have no underlying conditions and was a very health vibrant individual prior to this. I exercised 5 x a week. The pain came out of nowhere and I have been to every specialist for tests and no one can find anything wrong. I am now in pain management and taking Gabapentin and Cymbalta. I also take stronger pain medication when needed. I really would like to get into the Mayo Clinic but have not been successful. The pain management people are thinking about doing a Splanchinic Nerve Block. Has anyone had this kind of pain? Has anyone had this procedure? Any suggestions how to get into the Florida Mayo Clinic? Thank you.


@mmoss Have you asked your local primary care physicians to refer you to Mayo JaxFL.. ? Sometimes they may have a limit on Medicare patients.


I did not ask the primary.


@mmoss, I add my welcome and invite fellow members @trip17 @grammajackie @coderhomer @msb18 @bebe6 and @rt061069, who have experience with nerve blocks and abdominal pain. These related discussions may also interest you:
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A physician referral may help with requesting an appointment at Mayo Clinic, especially if it is not clear that this is a GI issue or not. A physician may help to direct the request to the best department to start with for a multi-team approach.

MMoss, what questions do you have about the splanchnic nerve block? Are you concerned about using this pain management approach?

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