Splanchnic Nerve Blocks for Chronic Nerve Block

Posted by mmoss @mmoss, Feb 23, 2021

Has anyone out there had this procedure for pain. My pain management doctor wants to do this procedure for my lower abdominal burning pain I have had for two months. I have had every test and they can’t find a reason for the pain. Thank you.

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@mmoss It can't be easy to have burning abdomen pain for an extended period of time.

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May I ask what brought on the pain 2 months ago?


@mmoss I can relate to your burning pain I have it in my thighs I'm going to talk to pain Dr about this I hope this helps you Mine wakes me up at night does yours? I hope you get relieve


Hi there, I'm Carol and been dealing with nerve damage in my lower right abdomen and pelvis for about 14 years. Are they talking injections in your back or abdomen. Years ago they tried giving shots in back to control pain in abdomen and pelvis, didn't work at all. Lived in bed or couch except for doctor appointments. Finally another pain doc did in front and it helped quite a bit. I was on morphine almost 13 years.
Have you been on any muscle relaxers? The pain doctor I'm seeing now put me on Tizanidine, has definitely helps with pelvic pain. I can do more than I ever was able to do in the past 14 years.
Keep me updated.


Glad to hear you have some relief in your pain journey, hope it keeps working for you, feel better soon.

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