Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction/ Chronic Pain/ Special Diet

Posted by drlori76 @drlori76, Dec 5, 2022

I was diagnosed with Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction and was prescribed low dose Imipramine which helps with reducing abdominal pain. I had a sphincterotomy which caused Acute Pancreatitis. Various foods like coffee and alcohol exacerbate the pain. Has anyone had experience with the FODMAP diet? Is it hard to follow?


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Good Afternoon,
I was diagnosed wiyh Sphinter of Oddi disfunction 18 years ago.
After 2 ERCP's the 2nd with stent, perforation of the duodenum, 3rd ERCP to remove dislodged Stent,
Emerncy surgery to remove gall bladder. I have been suffering with pancreatitis off and on. Some attacks are so debilitating, can not
do daily routines or care for my 3 grandchildren.
Acupuncture for several months of treatment calms things down till the next episode. Stomach distention, so swollen mimics a 5 month pregnancy. I will soon be 67 years old. Not sure at this point in my life what I should do.
PS: Just had Cat Scan and MRCP. Biliary Duct, CYstic duct. No stones no blockages.
Any input would be greatly appreciated.


I wiil learn about the FODMAP diet and Imipramine. Thank you for the advice.

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