Sphincter exercises

Posted by neh213 @neh213, Aug 28, 2019

I occasionally have trouble making it to the bathroom on time and wondered of there were any exercises to strengthen my sphincter to help control this from happening.

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neh, I have so much to write to you, can I ask you if you have any specific diagnosis at this time? Also, you say "make it to the bathroom" – what happens when you get there? i.e. are you having stools, just not sensing the urge in time, are you having diarrhea? Or are you having more chronic leaking of stool? LOL, it always makes me laugh how in these GI forums, we can talk about things like this without thinking twice. I think most people are uncomfortable talking about these "bathroom issues", so don't, and suffer in silence.

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I was diagnosed many many years ago with spastic colon. That was way before IBS was a thing. The doctor just told me to try to deal with it. Over the years I have dramatically changed my diet by removing gluten, caffeine, cows milk, nuts, coconut, yeast, chocolate and a lot of other foods- which has helped tremendously as I used to have immediate diarrhea after eating. On the occasions that I have a bowel accident on the way to the bathroom, I feel it is because of something I ate the day before. While it is an improvement over the immediate diarrhea, it still isn’t acceptable. I am finding that squash of any variety needs to be added to my ever growing list of do not eat foods. I try to rotate my food choices and not eat the same foods for three days. I take a probiotic daily at the suggestion of my nutritionist. I have had lots of GI tests which all have been negative. My gynecologist recommended that I do more Kegels last year and will be going to my annual appointment in a couple of months to see if I have made progress. I head to the bathroom as soon as I feel the need but would like to have a little more control on those mornings when my body is a little out of whack.

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