Sparodic episodes nerve pain or muscle spasms backside of ribcage

Posted by Lisa Pekock @lpekock, Dec 22, 2023

For a full year now I have been getting electric shock like episodes in the backside of my ribcage and wraps around the side. I've seen numerous doctors and no one can figure it out. I finally got a nerve blocking procedure done and it lasted 3 months. Problem is i cannot get in to see pain management for another 2 weeks so I have to endure excruciating pain until then. There's got to be another do I function in life and obligations like this. And they really don't know what the problem is.

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Were you diagnosed with costochondritis? I had that once, but it eventually went away. I don’t know of any recommendations. I know terrible pain is extremely stressful. Since, pain meds don’t agree with me, I look to acupuncture and physical therapy for help with pain. They have been effective for me for other things. I hope you can find help for your pain.


Lisa I’m so sorry to hear and I can empathize. If you have a PCP request for a prescription of Gabapentin. It has many uses but specifically nerve pain. It has a very high dosage range. It will be helpful until you can get to the real bottom of this.
It took three nerve block session to get mine which was cervical. Pain and shocks went up the back of my head. Nerves will regenerate themselves with time. Don’t give up as they may not have gotten the right exact nerve. In the meantime go to your doctor or ER and get i. Gabapentin. Best of Luck and sorry for your pain. 🌸


I don’t know if this is what you have, but I have something called myofascial pain and like you it is right there and wraps around my side. Does yours start small and gradually increase to the unbearable?? That’s myofascial pain. I told my bone doctor that it is unforgivable to allow a person to suffer that kind of pain in 2023 for any length of time. Having to wait a month for an appointment meant that by the time I had the appointment I no longer had the pain. My pain management doctor has a red flag next to my name meaning when it happens I can get in within the hour at any of his clinics for trigger shots. Gabapentin is very good for nerve pain. Wishing you well and praying you get an appropriate answer. ( irene5)

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