Spinal Infarct and Neuropathy

Posted by dodgebob @dodgebob, May 19 4:23am

I too suffer from neuropathy, but I haven't read of anyone with the same cause for the neuropathy. Mine was caused by a rare spinal infarct. I woke up one morning as usual, went to put my feet on the floor and they were numb, in fact I was numb from my lower belly to my feet. When I stood up the pain in my feet was excruciating and it changed my life. I've seen 4 Neurologists after my first MRI, the first 3 went from the possibilities of B12 deficiency to MS, to having no idea at all. I kept searching and found a Neurologist in Houston, Tx. who had seen my condition before. From the MRI he saw something that the others missed, it was a 2cm. mark on my spinal cord caused by a rare spinal infarct, where if you haven't seen them before they are easily missed. The good thing is now we knew what it was, now how to treat it. I've since regained most of the feeling from my waist to my ankles and I am able to walk for about an hour daily before I have to sit due to the pain in my feet , and the swelling in my ankles. So far the only treatment available is pain meds, and no activity with my feet. Had the clot hit 2cm.towards the front of my spinal cord, I'd have been paralyzed from the waist down. It's been almost 2.5 years and we still can't find a way to at least reduce the pain. I'm open to any suggestions. Thanks for letting me share.

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Have you tried low dose naltrexone? I have severe nerve pain which has caused muscle loss and weakness in my legs. I went to a pain specialist and was prescribed ldn which has been so helpful with managing the pain without toxic medication. Good luck and God bless with your healing ❤️‍🩹


I have just asked my Dr. For a prescription. Let’s see what she says via message. Fingers crossed.

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