so anyone else have this happen? left armpit pain at times, with burp

Posted by cryght @cryght, Feb 16, 2019

So I do drink soda often, and even lemonaid the instant version. I notice when I stay up for past the usual bed time. I end up burping a lot, I assume its because I've digested my dinner etc.. from earlier.. I often do have a soda of some sort to drink while gaming.. so I can understand some burps, but at times even when no soda is present I get acidic burps regardless.. its often tied to having my left armpit have pain. stretching relieves the pain for awhile.. and I can get it to stop entirely by laying on my left side and taking a nap. the burping happens a lot.. to the point it can last for hours.. I drink water as well to try to stop the belching but to no avail… so anyone else have to deal with this?

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@cryght Both of these, burping and pain in your armpit area can be related to gas I believe. I have been told in the past that gas pockets can cause the type of pain you describe. It may not just be soda, it can be related to eating too fast as in gulping your food down, or to the way your digestive system works, plus there are a lot of foods that can create gas. I am no expert at all so I do not know which foods those are. Try eating and drinking more slowly to see if that helps at all, it can't hurt, that's for sure. Keep a diary of what you eat and see if the gas and pain occur more frequently after certain foods.
I will be interested in hearing if you have solved your problem. I too am trying to solve a different problem relating to something I eat. I know it can be difficult to isolate what the problem food is.


I realize this is old, but my husband has been having this same exact issue 3 times this past week. Only difference is it’s on his right side. He belches the whole time but has not found anything to stop it other than waiting it out till he falls asleep. He does say it feels more like whatever is causing the pain is causing the burps, not the burps causing the pain, if that makes sense? Maybe a pinched nerve?

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