Small surgery on finger still hurts after 4 months

Posted by maryflorida @maryflorida, May 27 1:52pm

Is this normal? It was a broken pinky finger and he sawed the broken parts and fused them together, held by a plastic screw. He is very young and I don't know if it is normal to hurt so much after 4 months. Does anyone know. I am a fairly healthy 80, if that makes a difference.

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Hi Mary @maryflorida, I am really sorry to hear you are still having pain 4 months after your pinky finger surgery. I think age does make a difference when it comes to surgery and recovery. It's good that you are fairly healthy. Here's some information on the topic that may help explain…

"What is the outlook for people with a broken finger?
The outlook varies depending on your age and overall health, and the type and severity of the fracture. Finger fractures generally heal very well after treatment, but you may require physical therapy to regain motion.

Recovery time for a finger fracture ranges from several weeks to a year. Healing time depends on the extent of the injury and your treatment. Your provider will let you know when it’s safe to use your hand again. You may need to do rehab exercises each day, often under the guidance of a specialized hand therapist. These exercises can help with swelling and stiffness."
— Broken Finger (Finger Fracture): Symptoms, Diagnosis …:

I know physcial therapy played a major part of my wife's recovery from a broken wrist last fall. Have you discussed the continued pain with the surgeon or your primary care doctor?


Thank you, John. I did not know it would take so long. That helps to know why I am hurting still.
I contacted the hand surgeon and have not received any answer. I'll keep exercising it. Maybe start up playing the piano again.

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