Small knee effusion with mild lateral tilt.

Posted by afladland @afladland, Nov 16, 2023

One year post TKR and still have excruciating pain when doing stairs. My Dr said everything looks good on the xrays. They did blood tests to check for infection and an MRI. The only thing the MRI showed was small knee effusion with slight lateral tilt. Has anyone had anything similiar?

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I don’t know what my problem is after over two years post op tkr. Strong lateral pain on outside of knee. Has been there since about 6 months post op. no one will do an MRI as they say it won’t show anything because the metal implant will scatter image. Seeing fifth md now. Had second bone scan and #5 says it could be loose ☹️. And I think the only way to fix it is revision which has less success than the first. Very frustrating and tired of pain.


I'm sorry you are going through this. There is a MRI that can be done but requires someone who specializes in it. I had to try 4 Dr's before I got in to my last. I didn't tell them I had a replacement until I got in the room. The nurse was pretty pissed and they almost didn't see me. Im hoping I can get some answers at my follow up appointment.

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