Small Fiber Neuropathy

Posted by me1229 @me1229, Thu, Oct 31 4:31pm

I am currently on 1200 mg of Gabapentin twice daily. My pain is not totally controlled at this level. My pain level gets worse as the day goes on and is worse at night. I like my one glass of red wine at night. I wonder if that is an issue with my pain. I’ve tried adding Cymbalta that created severe dry mouth then stopped that and tried Lyrica and that was just as bad. Now my doctor wants to try increasing the Gabapentin to 3600 mg a day. Here is another point. Can anyone tell me about their experiences

Hi @me1229 — There is already a discussion with the same name. I'm tagging our moderator @lisalucier to see if we should combine your post with the following discussion where other members with small fiber neuropathy can share their experiences with you.

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It's just my opinion but I no longer drink alcohol because I know it damages nerves from the research I've done and can also cause neuropathy if you drink too much. It may not hurt to have a glass or wine at night but I look at from the perspective of it may not hurt but it certainly won't help the nerve damage that causes the pain. Hoping other members will chime in and share their experience with you.


What happens when you reach your limit of Gabapentin & it still doesn't work? Then it would be hard to get off of it because then you have to taper off. This is a scary situation. I'm afraid of the Lyrica because I have heard horror stories about that.

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