Do Small Fiber Nerves have a connection to Sciatica Nerves?

Posted by chiefd67 @chiefd67, Aug 31, 2022

I have had cervical and lumbar spine issues for about 50 years, degenerative disc disease, sciatica nerve issues in both legs, and now arthritis. I have had peripheral neuropathy for 20+ years and no neurologist has ever been able to tell me why I have it nor have they connected it to my sciatica nerves or lumbar or cervical spine. Has anyone ever had a neurologist connect small fiber nerves in the feet and legs to the sciatica nerves? Thanks!

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I have wondered if my neuropathy has originated in my back. It never occured to me that severe stenosis in L4 and L5 could travel to my feet. Only parts of my feet are affected. I have no back pain but started to research the
nerves out of the lower back and L5 nerve goes to the feet. I am having another MRI this monthe then an appointment with a neurosurgeon to see if there is compression on the nerve. Not sure why non of the doctors looked into this.


@chiefd67, I do think that there is a connection between spinal problems (nerve compression) and different neuropathy diagnoses. One of the best explanations I've found that is easy to understand is by Matthew B. Jensen posted below. He also has a YouTube channel with a lot of great neuropathy related videos that you might find helpful - .

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