Skyrocketing LDL-P and small particle LDL-p

Posted by tbellhappy @tbellhappy, Oct 5, 2021

Healthy 51 year old female whose LDL-P was VERY LOW at 600 5 years ago. Now is 1450? No changes to diet. Small particle LDL-P went from LOW at 250 to HIGH at 850. Same diet. No changes in exercise. Active 5 days a week with yoga, weights, aerobics. Something odd. Potassium also elevated. speaking with doctor, but trying to make sense of this.

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Hello @tbellhappy, Welcome to Connect. Kudos to you for staying on top of your health and researching why your LDL particle number is so much higher than it has been in the past. I'm happy to hear that you will be speaking with your doctor to find out more. Until other members that may have personal experience are able to join the discussion, here is some information that you may find helpful.

— Understanding the NMR LipoProfile® Test Report – Labcorp (PDF):
— How to Reduce Your Small, Dense LDL Cholesterol:

Do you mind sharing what you find out from your doctor after your appointment?


I'm betting these algorithms (computer data extrapolations) used to predict "normal" are skewed !

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