Skiing/sports after TKR?

Posted by babette @babette, Aug 27, 2018

I’m interested in hearing from people who have skied or played other sports after TKR. How long post-op did it take for you to feel secure? This is my goal and my motivation for rehab, etc. Thanks everyone!

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A few personal observations re. TKR. I am 71 [nearly 72] year old male. I had a [right]hip replacement 15th August 2017, Spinal laminectomy decompression 1st. June 2018 and [right]TKR 11th. September 2018 – I have just returned from a week's skiing in Austrian Alps – last day did nine descents, totalling 28,000 feet [8,604m], without any ill-effects – no pain or discomfort!
I think there are several important points to consider; firstly, it is a great help if the individual has made the long-term effort to keep fit and healthy. So, hardly a week goes by without me looking for some form of exercise or training. This is easier for me with a small private gym, but anything which pushes the body a little is good. I followed advice of physios and my excellent surgeon, before and after the operations. However, I do think that they err on the side of caution, because of possible injury through over-exertion, which could reflect on their treatment and care. You will know when it is possible to push things a little more.
The important thing is to be very aware of what your body is telling you. Most of us in the middle of considering, having and recovering from surgery, are continually monitoring how we feel, so any pain should be observed and dealt with by discussing with the professionals. What is so important in the first place, is to choose if possible, a surgeon who has a first class record and is well-spoken of.
So, any negatives? Well, I had some very painful days and weeks, especially prior to spinal surgery which relieved the awful sciatic pain. Hip op. was straightforward and not too painful for long. The TKR was definitely the most painful and long-lasting at the time, but this is now becoming a memory. I do have a residual "Drop-foot" problem after the spinal, but this comes and goes with tiredness. Cycling is still difficult since the restricted ROM makes upward stroke of knee a little painful and therefore unstable on roads.
On the whole, this last eighteen months have been the most transforming period and well worth the short term discomfort. For all skiing addicts, mountaineers, walkers and cyclists – keep at it – and push yourselves a bit, but listen to the body. That skiing really was the last big doubt to overcome, so good luck to you all.
Kind regards to all those contributing to this forum.

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Thank you so much for your thoughtful response! I skied 3 simple runs with no pain until a couple of days later but it’s given me hope that I’ll be on the slopes next year. Hiking is no problem at all. So from what I’m reading sounds like I’ll be pack to all activities completely in a year Pickleball included Thanks again

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