SIBO, or Duodenitis, or what?

Posted by mattdk @mattdk, Dec 12, 2022

I’ve been through a battery of tests with no issues found so I figured it’s time to reach out to see if someone else’s experience could help diagnosis.
Prior to my current issues I’ve had minor digestive issues such couple days a week i’d have diarrhea multiple times in the morning, or id be woken up at night by digestive “rumblings” but nothing that seemed worth seeing a doctor over. I was also diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about a year ago (probably have had it for a while before then though)

My current issues started with me waking up one night with what felt like just typical bad indigestion from eating spicy food to late at night. Normally when this happens I just sit up for a few minutes and the pain passes with a bit of gurgling sensation in my stomach. This time it didn’t the ache just wouldn’t stop. The next day I felt a little less of an ache so I had some tomato soup for brunch. Two hours later I felt very nauseous and vomited. And barley at anything all day. At the end of the day desperate to eat something I tried smoking some marijuana. All though I still had pain in what felt like my stomach the nausea cleared up and I was able to eat. Three days later I saw my doctor he said wait 5 days to see if it’s just a “bug” I did and it didn’t go away. After having and ultra sound, a gastric empty test, and endoscopy all come back normal with no issues found my doctor agreed it could be trulicity causing the constant pain in what felt like my stomach as well as the diarrhea I had developed. After a month of no trulicity some of my worse issues like nausea did clear up but I was still left with the following symptoms. Alternating constipation and diarrhea, excessive belching to the point of (where is all the gas coming from?) and a sore ache in the dead center of my abdomen right where I the think the duodenum is. What ever is hurting I can actually touch by pressing the spot and it instantly gets more sore. After having a CT and CCK HIDA to check my gall bladder all come back ok no problem. I’m now waiting (have to wait 4 weeks) on a breath test for SIBO. (At this point I’ve had the constant pain for 2 and a 1/2 months). I am concerned though about what this test will show because some things do or don’t make sense for SIBO. For example although I do get bloating and belching the main thing that hurts is the thing I can touch and push on which dosn’t feel like the small intestines. Looking up SIBO online the pain should be from the bloating. Also I’ve had zero extra flatulence. I’ve been trying to fallow a low FODMAP diet and although what I eat does make some difference in the amount of belching, it dosn’t seem to match up to high or low FODMAP . For example two hard boiled eggs and oatmeal causes as much belching as a steak and cheese sub with onions and Mayo. The tenderness in the middle of my chest as well as the ache which at times can feel like hunger pain matches symptoms of duadentitis, bust my endoscopy show no problems.

If anyone could provide some insight if this sounds like SIBO or what it could be it would help me immensely.

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Did you ever find out what was causing your symptoms because your explanation of what you experienced is identical to what I am going through now and I’ve had endoscopy and CT scan and nothing has been found. I do have SIBO but my doctor says that’s not the cause. The pain is getting worse. I’ve had it for six months.


Have you tried the FODMAP elimination diet and also eliminating all grain? I am non Celiac gluten sensitive which means I do not digest corn, oats, wheat, or any grain well. My symptoms are excessive gas, nausea, stomach pain, and acid reflux.
It might be worth a try. You can also ask for the Celiac blood test if you are still eating gluten. If you are off gluten you can ask for the DNA Celiac test which will tell you if you have the genetic marker for it. If you do not have the marker and turn out to be gluten sensitive at least you know you do not have to worry about Celiac Disease complications.
Digestion is so complicated and so individual that you have to make the effort to figure out if food is the source of your troubles.
Best of Luck!

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