Shoulder Osteoarthritis

Posted by josephmike @josephmike, Sep 21, 2017

I have mild shoulder osteoarthritis it’s not really painful but a lot of discomfort. I went to an Orthopedist and he suggested shoulder replacement surgery. I decided to get a second opinion and the second doc said I didn’t need my shoulder replaced. The second Orthopedist said the current data does not indicate Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) helps osteoarthritis. Does anyone have any experience with PRP injections or stem cell injections?

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Hello @josephmike, welcome to Connect. You pose a question that has been a bit of a “hot topic” recently on Connect.

Mayo Clinic hosted an hour long webinar all about stem cells. You can find that video here, I reviewed the webinar, and although it does not directly address stem cells and shoulders, another Mayo Clinic member did post a question about that:

“Will this work for shoulders?”

Answer: “Yes, we currently perform treatments on the shoulder. If you would like to seek consultation at Mayo Clinic, call 844-276-2003. You can also visit our Regenerative Medicine Consult Service page for more information:”

I would like to invite @jpdunlap and @peterauen to this conversation because they posted the very same question as you regarding stem cell therapy and shoulder issues. @jpdunlap has also been told they need a shoulder replacement but is seeking more opinions and may be able to share some similar experiences with you.

You may also find it worth your time to read through the following discussion, While it may not be centered around shoulders, it does have many members talking about stem cell treatments, treatment centers, and other aspects of the treatment. I do recommend calling the above number as they can answer basic questions about it and also offer information on valid treatment centers that may be near you.

@josephmike, you mentioned that the osteoarthritis is mild and not painful currently, did your physician explain why he or she thought that it would be a good idea to proceed with a replacement anyways or the benefits of doing so?


Thank you for your quick reply. I consulted an Orthopedist last December 2016 for intermittent shoulder pain. The x-rays indicated a narrowing of the glenohumeral joint. He gave me a steroid injection and asked me to return six weeks later. I had mild relief but the soreness returned. On my follow up visit his words were ” I am a candidate for shoulder replacement.”, maybe he said this because I am 65 years old. I have no doubt I have osteoarthritis but the pain is intermittent and I still have full range of motion. I’ve had x-rays and an MRI. Both of these tests indicate I have osteoarthritis but before I have my shoulder replaced, it’s going to have to get much worse.

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