Shoulder Fracture

Posted by goldy @goldy, Oct 14, 2016

Can the bump which remains after a shoulder fracture be smoothed?

Hello goldy, and welcome to Connect. I think I have an idea of what you are explaining. I have had my right knee replaced and my left ankled fused. With my left ankle fusion I have permanent screws in my ankle, and one of those screws visibly protrudes out from my leg. It only is painful if I hit it directly with or on something. I also have some bumps with my knee that are different than before, but they don’t hurt or inhibit my range of motion.

If you are willing, would you mind sharing a bit more about yourself so that other members know a bit more about your experience? How long ago was your surgery? Is the bump painful or does it inhibit your motion? Have you expressed your concerns with your surgeon?

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